EAPHost Peer Method Run-Time Functions

The EAP Peer Method API run-time functions are as follows.

Function Description
EapPeerBeginSession Starts a new authentication session on the peer EAPHost.
EapPeerEndSession Terminates a current EAP authentication session between EAPHost and the peer.
EapPeerGetConfigBlobAndUserBlob Allows EAP method developers to provide the various connection properties and user properties supported by the method. EAPHost invokes this function to create the connection property and user property of the EAP method.
EapPeerGetIdentity Obtains the identity for the EAP method that is calling.
EapPeerGetInfo Obtains a set of function pointers for an implementation of the loaded EAP peer method.
EapPeerGetResponseAttributes Obtains an array of EAP attributes from the EAP method.
EapPeerGetResponsePacket Obtains a response packet from the EAP method.
EapPeerGetResult Obtains the result of an authentication session from the EAP method.
EapPeerGetUIContext Obtains the user interface context from the EAP method.
EapPeerInitialize Initializes EAPHost for the peer method.
EapPeerProcessRequestPacket Processes a packet received by EAPHost from a supplicant.
EapPeerSetCredentials Supplies new or updated user credentials to the EAP method.
EapPeerSetResponseAttributes Provides an updated array of EAP attributes to the EAP method.
EapPeerSetUIContext Provides a user interface context to the EAP method.
EapPeerShutdown Shuts down the EAP method and prepares to unload its corresponding DLL.


EAPHost Peer Method Configuration Functions