Font Families

A font family is a set of fonts having common stroke width and serif characteristics. There are five font families. A sixth family allows an application to use the default font. The following table describes the font-families.

Font family Description
Decorative Specifies a novelty font. An example is Old English.
Dontcare Specifies a generic family name. This name is used when information about a font does not exist or does not matter. The default font is used.
Modern Specifies a monospace font with or without serifs. Monospace fonts are usually modern; examples include Pica, Elite, and Courier New.
Roman Specifies a proportional font with serifs. An example is Times New Roman.
Script Specifies a font that is designed to look like handwriting; examples include Script and Cursive.
Swiss Specifies a proportional font without serifs. An example is Arial.


These font families correspond to constants found in the Wingdi.h file: FF_DECORATIVE, FF_DONTCARE, FF_MODERN, FF_ROMAN, FF_SCRIPT, and FF_SWISS. An application uses these constants when it creates a font, selects a font, or retrieves information about a font.

Fonts within a family are distinguished by size (10 point, 24 point, and so on) and style (regular, italic, and so on).