Metafile Functions

The following functions are used with enhanced-format metafiles.

Function Description
CloseEnhMetaFile Closes an enhanced-metafile device context.
CopyEnhMetaFile Copies the contents of an enhanced-format metafile to a specified file.
CreateEnhMetaFile Creates a device context for an enhanced-format metafile.
DeleteEnhMetaFile Deletes an enhanced-format metafile or an enhanced-format metafile handle.
EnhMetaFileProc An application-defined callback function used with the EnumEnhMetaFile function.
EnumEnhMetaFile Enumerates the records within an enhanced-format metafile.
GdiComment Copies a comment from a buffer into a specified enhanced-format metafile.
GetEnhMetaFile Creates a handle that identifies the enhanced-format metafile stored in the specified file.
GetEnhMetaFileBits Retrieves the contents of the specified enhanced-format metafile and copies them into a buffer.
GetEnhMetaFileDescription Retrieves an optional text description from an enhanced-format metafile and copies the string to the specified buffer.
GetEnhMetaFileHeader Retrieves the record containing the header for the specified enhanced-format metafile.
GetEnhMetaFilePaletteEntries Retrieves optional palette entries from the specified enhanced metafile.
GetMetaFile GetMetaFile is no longer available for use as of Windows 2000. Instead, use GetEnhMetaFile.
GetWinMetaFileBits Converts the enhanced-format records from a metafile into Windows-format records.
PlayEnhMetaFile Displays the picture stored in the specified enhanced-format metafile.
PlayEnhMetaFileRecord Plays an enhanced-metafile record by executing the graphics device interface (GDI) functions identified by the record.
SetEnhMetaFileBits Creates a memory-based enhanced-format metafile from the specified data.
SetWinMetaFileBits Converts a metafile from the older Windows format to the new enhanced format.


Obsolete Functions

The following functions are obsolete. The are provided for compatibility with Windows-format metafiles.