HTTP Server API Version 1.0 Functions

The HTTP Server API provides the following functions for writing applications.


Function Description
HttpCreateHttpHandle Creates an HTTP request queue and returns a handle to it.
HttpInitialize Initializes the HTTP Server API for use by the calling process.
HttpPrepareUrl Parses, analyzes, and normalizes a non-normalized Unicode or punycode URL so it is safe and valid to use in other HTTP functions.
HttpTerminate Directs the HTTP Server API to clean up any resources associated with a particular process.


Cache Management

Function Description
HttpAddFragmentToCache Caches a data fragment so that it can be used to compose a dynamic response without reading from disk.
HttpFlushResponseCache Removes specified cached fragments from the HTTP cache.
HttpReadFragmentFromCache Retrieves a specified cached response fragment.



Function Description
HttpDeleteServiceConfiguration Deletes specified information from the HTTP configuration store.
HttpQueryServiceConfiguration Queries the HTTP configuration store for specified information.
HttpSetServiceConfiguration Sets specified values in the HTTP Server API configuration store.


Input and Output

Function Description
HttpReceiveHttpRequest Retrieves an HTTP request from a specified request queue.
HttpReceiveRequestEntityBody Retrieves entity-body data of a particular HTTP request.
HttpSendHttpResponse Sends an HTTP response for a particular HTTP request.
HttpSendResponseEntityBody Sends entity-body data of an HTTP response.
HttpWaitForDisconnect Notifies the application when an HTTP client has disconnected.



Function Description
HttpReceiveClientCertificate Retrieves the client certificate for an SSL connection.


URL Registration

Function Description
HttpAddUrl Registers a URL so that HTTP requests for it are routed to a specified request queue.
HttpRemoveUrl Unregisters a specified URL, so that requests for it are no longer routed to a specified queue.


HTTP Server API Version 1.0 Structures