CIM_ComputerSystem class

Represents a collection that provides computing capabilities and consists of CIM_ManagedSystemElement objects.


[Abstract, Version("2.24.0"), UMLPackagePath("CIM::System::SystemElements"), AMENDMENT]
class CIM_ComputerSystem : CIM_System
  string NameFormat;
  uint16 Dedicated[];
  string OtherDedicatedDescriptions[];
  uint16 ResetCapability;
  uint16 PowerManagementCapabilities[];


The CIM_ComputerSystem class has these types of members:


The CIM_ComputerSystem class has these methods.

Method Description
SetPowerState This method is deprecated. Instead, use the RequestPowerStateChange method in the CIM_PowerManagementService class.
Deprecated description: Sets the power state of the computer.


The CIM_ComputerSystem class has these properties.


Data type: uint16 array

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: ArrayType ("Indexed"), MappingStrings ("MIB.IETF|MIB-II.sysServices", "FC-GS.INCITS-T11 | Platform | PlatformType"), ModelCorrespondence ("CIM_ComputerSystem.OtherDedicatedDescriptions")

The purpose and features of the computer system. For example, a system dedicated to printing could specify "11" (Print). A general purpose system with printing capabilities can be set to "0" (Not Dedicated) and "11" (Print).

Not Dedicated (0)

Unknown (1)

Other (2)

Storage (3)

Router (4)

Switch (5)

Layer 3 Switch (6)

Central Office Switch (7)

Hub (8)

Access Server (9)

Firewall (10)

Print (11)

I/O (12)

Web Caching (13)

Management (14)

This instance is dedicated to hosting system management software

Block Server (15)

File Server (16)

Mobile User Device (17)

An example of a dedicated user device is a mobile phone or a barcode scanner in a store that communicates via radio frequency. These systems are quite limited in functionality and programmability, and are not considered 'general purpose' computing platforms. Alternately, an example of a mobile system that is 'general purpose' (i.e., is NOT dedicated) is a hand-held computer. Although limited in its programmability, new software can be downloaded and its functionality expanded by the user.

Repeater (18)

Bridge/Extender (19)

Gateway (20)

Storage Virtualizer (21)

Media Library (22)

ExtenderNode (23)

NAS Head (24)

Self-contained NAS (25)

UPS (26)

IP Phone (27)

Management Controller (28)

This instance represents specialized hardware dedicated to systems management (i.e., a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) or service processor).

The management scope of a "Management Controller" is typically a single managed system in which it is contained.

Chassis Manager (29)

This instance represents a system dedicated to management of a blade chassis and its contained devices. This value would be used to represent a Shelf Controller. A "Chassis Manager" is an aggregation point for management and may rely on subordinate management controllers for the management of constituent parts.

Host-based RAID controller (30)

This instance represents a RAID storage controller contained within a host computer.

Storage Device Enclosure (31)

This instance represents an enclosure that contains storage devices.

Desktop (32)

Laptop (33)

Virtual Tape Library (34)

The emulation of a tape library by a Virtual Library System.

Virtual Library System (35)

Uses disk storage to emulate tape libraries

Network PC/Thin Client (36)

FC Switch (37)

Dedicated to switching layer 2 fibre channel frames.

Ethernet Switch (38)

Dedicated to switching layer 2 ethernet frames

DMTF Reserved (..)

Vendor Reserved (32568..65535)


Data type: string

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: Override ("NameFormat")

The format of the computer system name.


















Data type: string array

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: ArrayType ("Indexed"), ModelCorrespondence ("CIM_ComputerSystem.Dedicated")

Describes how or why the system is dedicated when the Dedicated array includes the value 2 (Other).


Data type: uint16 array

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: Deprecated ("CIM_PowerManagementCapabilities.PowerCapabilities"), MappingStrings ("MIF.DMTF|System Power Controls|001.2")

This property is deprecated. Instead, use the PowerChangeCapabilities method in the CIM_PowerManagementCapabilitiesCIM_PowerManagementService class.

Deprecated description: The power management capabilities of the system.

Unknown (0)

Not Supported (1)

Disabled (2)

Enabled (3)

Power Saving Modes Entered Automatically (4)

Power State Settable (5)

Power Cycling Supported (6)

Timed Power On Supported (7)


Data type: uint16

Access type: Read-only

Qualifiers: MappingStrings ("MIF.DMTF|System Hardware Security|001.4")

Indicates whether the system supports the hardware reset operation.

Other (1)

Unknown (2)

Disabled (3)

Enabled (4)

Not Implemented (5)


Minimum supported client
Windows 8
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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