Multilingual User Interface Functions

The following functions are used with Multilingual User Interface (MUI).

Function Description
EnumUILanguages Enumerates the user interface languages that are available on the operating system.
EnumUILanguagesProc An application-defined function used with the EnumUILanguages function.
FreeMUILibrary Decrements the reference count of a resource module loaded by LoadMUILibrary
GetFileMUIInfo Retrieves resource-related information about a file.
GetFileMUIPath Retrieves the path to a language-specific resource file associated with the supplied LN file.
GetProcessPreferredUILanguages Retrieves the process preferred UI languages.
GetSystemDefaultUILanguage Retrieves the language identifier for the system default UI language, known as the "install language" on Windows Vista.
GetSystemPreferredUILanguages Retrieves the system preferred UI languages.
GetThreadPreferredUILanguages Retrieves the thread preferred UI languages for the current thread.
GetThreadUILanguage Returns the language identifier of the first user interface language for the current thread.
GetUILanguageFallbackList Gets a fallback list of user interface languages represented as language names.
GetUILanguageInfo Retrieves a variety of information about a user interface language.
GetUserDefaultUILanguage Returns the language identifier for the user UI language for the current user.
GetUserPreferredUILanguages Retrieves the user preferred UI languages.
LoadMUILibrary Returns a handle to the language-specific resources associated with a particular language-neutral (LN) file.
SetProcessPreferredUILanguages Sets the process preferred UI languages for the application process.
SetThreadPreferredUILanguages Sets the thread preferred UI languages.
SetThreadUILanguage Sets the preferred user interface language for the current thread.