Managing DDE Shares

[Network DDE is no longer supported. Nddeapi.dll is present on Windows Vista, but all function calls return NDDE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.]

Network DDE provides functions that allow you to delete a share, get or set share information, or enumerate shares.

Task Procedure
Delete a DDE share Use the NDdeShareDel function.
Get DDE share information Use the NDdeShareGetInfo function.
Set DDE share information Use the NDdeShareSetInfo function.
Enumerate DDE shares Use the NDdeShareEnum function. You can also enumerate the trusted DDE shares by using the NDdeTrustedShareEnum function.
Enumerate connected users Use the NetSessionEnum function.
Change the DDE share name Delete the old share and create a new share.

To change the share name

  1. Retrieve the share information using NDdeShareGetInfo.
  2. Remove the share using NDdeShareDel.
  3. Change the lpszShareName member of the NDDESHAREINFO structure returned by NDdeShareGetInfo.
  4. Pass the modified NDDESHAREINFO structure to NDdeShareAdd.