Managing IP Addresses

IP Helper can assist in the management of IP addresses associated with interfaces on the local computer. Use the functions described in the following paragraphs for IP address management.

The GetIpAddrTable function retrieves a table that contains the mapping of IP addresses to interfaces. More than one IP address may be associated with the same interface.

Use the AddIPAddress function to add an IP address to a particular interface. To remove IP addresses that were previously added using AddIPAddress, use the DeleteIPAddress function.

The IpReleaseAddress and IpRenewAddress functions require the local computer to be using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The IpReleaseAddress function releases an IP address that was previously obtained from DHCP. The IpRenewAddress function renews a DHCP lease on a particular IP address. A DHCP lease allows a computer to use an IP address for a specified period of time.