Legacy User Interaction Features

User interaction features for Windows 7 and earlier.

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Topic Description
Touch Input
Describes how to use the Windows Touch API to build touch-enabled Windows-based applications.
Keyboard and Mouse Input
Describes how to capture user input from the keyboard and the mouse.
Multipoint Mouse
Describes the framework that enables you to build applications that support multiple mouse devices concurrently on one computer.
Tablet PC
Describes how to build applications for the Tablet PC, which is a fully functional personal computer geared for pen-enabled, handwriting-enabled, and speech-enabled applications.
Describes how to use the DirectInput API to process data from a joystick, or other game controller. DirectInput is legacy and not available for Windows Store apps. Use XInput instead.
Text Services Framework
Describes how to use the Microsoft Windows Text Services Framework (TSF), which is an API that enables text services to supply text to applications in a way that does not require any detailed knowledge of the applications that produce or receive the text. For example, a text service can provide text input from speech or handwriting input devices.