IGatherNotify::OnDataMove (Deprecated) method

[OnDataMove may be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions of the operating system or product.]

This Windows Desktop Search interface topic is deprecated and is superseded by the Windows Search ISearchPersistentItemsChangedSink API in the Windows SDK.

This method notifies the indexer of data that has been moved. When it sends the notification to the indexer, it includes the old address, new address, and logical address.


void OnDataMove (Deprecated)(
  [in] long eChangeAdviseSemantics,
  [in] BSTR bstrOldAddress,
  [in] BSTR bstrNewAddress,
  [in] BSTR bstrLogicalAddress


eChangeAdviseSemantics [in]

Type: long

An enumerated parameter that describes the type of move that occurred.

bstrOldAddress [in]

Type: BSTR

The old address of the item that moved. For normal files,eChangeAdviseSematics is NULL. For a folder or directory, seteChangeAdviseSematicsto GTHR_CA_SEMANTICS_DIRECTORY.

bstrNewAddress [in]

Type: BSTR

The new address of the item that moved.

bstrLogicalAddress [in]

Type: BSTR

The logical address of the item that moved.

Return value

This method does not return a value.