ASFParser Sample

Shows how to parse data from an Advanced Systems Format (ASF) file by using the low-level ASF components in Media Foundation. The sample demonstrates the following tasks:

  • Enumerating the audio and video streams in an ASF file.
  • Selecting an audio or a video stream for parsing.
  • Seeking to a packet at a desired playback time.
  • Generating compressed samples for the selected stream.
  • Decoding audio and video samples.

APIs Demonstrated

This sample demonstrates the following Microsoft Media Foundation interfaces:


  1. To open an ASF file, click the Open Media File... button.
  2. Select an ASF file and click Open. Information about the file is shown on the Information pane.
  3. Under Parser Configuration, select a stream to parse.
  4. To generate samples in reverse, select Reverse.
  5. To specify the start point, drag the slider to the desired location.
  6. To begin parsing, click the Generate Samples button. Information about the samples is shown on the Information pane.
  7. To test the samples for the audio stream, click the Test Audio button.
  8. To test the samples for the video stream, click the Show Bitmap button.


Product Version
Windows SDK Windows 7


Downloading the Sample

This sample is available in the Windows classic samples github repository.

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