Byte Stream Attributes

The following attributes apply to some byte streams. To find out whether a byte stream supports attributes, query the byte stream object for the IMFAttributes interface.

Attribute Description
MF_BYTESTREAM_CONTENT_TYPE Specifies the MIME type of a byte stream.
MF_BYTESTREAM_DURATION Specifies the duration of a byte stream, in 100-nanosecond units.
MF_BYTESTREAM_IFO_FILE_URI Specifies the URL of an associated IFO file.
MF_BYTESTREAM_LAST_MODIFIED_TIME Specifies when a byte stream was last modified.
MF_BYTESTREAM_ORIGIN_NAME Specifies the original URL for a byte stream.


The following attributes apply to byte-stream handlers.

Attribute Description
MF_BYTESTREAMHANDLER_ACCEPTS_SHARE_WRITE Specifies whether a byte-stream handler can use a byte stream that is opened for writing by another thread



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