Networking in Media Foundation

Applications based on Media Foundation can play media sources over a network. For the application, the process is similar to playing from a local file.

Topic Description
Network Source Features Describes the features supported by the network source and the associated configuration options.
Proxy Support for Network Sources Provides information about using the proxy locator object that determines the proxy to use when connecting to a server.
Network Source Authentication Provides information about using the authentication components such as the credential cache and the credential manager.
How to Get Events from the Network Source Provides information about getting Media Foundation events during the opening of a connection and before the network source is created.
Supported Protocols Describes the protocols that are supported by the network source. Also, provides information about the protocol rollover procedure.
Client Logging Describes the client logging fields that the application can configure and how it can retrieve network statistics.


Media Foundation Programming Guide

Media Sources

Using Media Sources with the Media Session