OPM Commands

This section lists the available commands for Output Protection Manager (OPM).

To send an OPM command, call IOPMVideoOutput::Configure. For each command, the following information is listed.

Command GUID Identifies the command. Set the guidSetting member of the OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS structure equal to this value.
Input data Specifies how to interpret the abParameters array in the OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS structure.


The following commands are defined:

Command Description
OPM_SET_ACP_AND_CGMSA_SIGNALING Specifies information about the video signal, other than the protection level.
OPM_SET_HDCP_SRM Updates the system renewability message (SRM) for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).
OPM_SET_PROTECTION_LEVEL Sets the protection level for an output protection mechanism.
OPM_SET_PROTECTION_LEVEL_ACCORDING_TO_CSS_DVD Sets the HDCP protection level for DVD playback, following DVD Content Scramble System (CSS) rules.


OPM Programming Reference

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