Sink Writer Attributes

The following attributes can be used to initialize the sink writer.

Attribute Description
MF_LOW_LATENCY Enables low-latency processing.
MF_READWRITE_DISABLE_CONVERTERS Enables or disables format conversions by the sink writer.
MF_READWRITE_ENABLE_HARDWARE_TRANSFORMS Enables the sink writer to use hardware-based Media Foundation transforms (MFTs).
MF_SINK_WRITER_ASYNC_CALLBACK Contains a pointer to the application's callback interface for the sink writer.
MF_SINK_WRITER_DISABLE_THROTTLING Specifies whether the sink writer limits the rate of incoming data.
MF_TRANSCODE_CONTAINERTYPE Specifies the container type of the output file.
MFT_FIELDOFUSE_UNLOCK_Attribute Contains an IMFFieldOfUseMFTUnlock pointer, which is used to unlock an MFT with field-of-use restrictions. For more information, see Field of Use Restrictions.
MF_SINK_WRITER_D3D_MANAGER Use this attribute to provide a Direct3D device for any video encoders or media sinks loaded by the sink writer.


Use these attributes with the following methods and functions:

To use any of these attributes, first call MFCreateAttributes to create a new attribute store. Then use the IMFAttributes interface to set the desired attributes on the attribute store. Pass the IMFAttributes pointer to the pAttributes parameter of any of the methods or functions listed previously.


Media Foundation Attributes