TopoEdit is a visual tool for building and testing topologies. With TopoEdit, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Build a topology by adding various topology nodes like source, transform, and output nodes.
  • Connect and resolve the topology structure.
  • Test the functionality of the topology through playback.

TopoEdit is available in the Windows SDK, starting with the Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008.

In This Section

Topic Description
Introduction to TopoEdit Provides information about installing and running the tool. Describes the tool's user interface.
Building Topologies by Using TopoEdit Describes how to build a topology by adding and connecting individual nodes.
Building a Playback Topology with TopoEdit Describes how to create a playback topology automatically.
Building a Transcode Topology with TopoEdit Describes how to create a transcode topology automatically.
Logging Topology Node Activities Provides information about how to collect logging information about a selected topology node.
Playback Controls in TopoEdit Describes the tool's playback controls, such as play, pause, stop, and rate change.
Saving and Loading Topologies Provides information about saving a topology as an XML file and loading a saved topology.
Viewing Topology Information Describes attributes associated with topology nodes.



Minimum SDK version Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008.
Minimum operating system Windows Vista


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