GROUPBOX control

Defines a group box control. The control is a rectangle that groups other controls together. The controls are grouped by drawing a border around them and displaying the given text in the upper-left corner.

The GROUPBOX statement, which you can use only in a DIALOGEX statement, defines the text, identifier, dimensions, and attributes of a control window.

GROUPBOX text, id, x, y, width, height [, style [, extended-style]]


Control styles. This value can be a combination of the button class style BS_GROUPBOX and the WS_TABSTOP and WS_DISABLED styles.

If you do not specify a style, the default style is BS_GROUPBOX.

For more information about the general syntax of a control statement, see Common Control Parameters.


When the style contains WS_TABSTOP or the text specifies an accelerator, tabbing or pressing the accelerator key moves the focus to the first control within the group.


This example defines a group-box control that is labeled Options:

GROUPBOX "Options", 101, 10, 10, 100, 100

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