Sample Resource-Definition File

The following example shows a script file that defines the resources for an application named Shapes:

#include "shapes.h"

ShapesIcon    ICON    SHAPES.ICO

ShapesMenu MENU
    POPUP "&Shape"
        MENUITEM "&Clear", ID_CLEAR
        MENUITEM "&Rectangle", ID_RECT
        MENUITEM "&Triangle", ID_TRIANGLE
        MENUITEM "&Star", ID_STAR
        MENUITEM "&Ellipse", ID_ELLIPSE

The CURSOR statement names the application's cursor resource ShapesCursor and specifies the cursor file SHAPES.CUR, which contains the image for that cursor.

The ICON statement names the application's icon resource ShapesIcon and specifies the icon file SHAPES.ICO, which contains the image for that icon.

The MENU statement defines an application menu named ShapesMenu, a pop-up menu with five menu items.

The body of the menu definition, enclosed by the curly braces, or the BEGIN and END keywords, specifies each menu item and the menu identifier that is returned when the user selects that item. For example, the first item on the menu, Clear, returns the menu identifier ID_CLEAR when the user selects it. The menu identifiers are defined in the application header file, SHAPES.H.