/app_config switch

The /app_config switch selects application-configuration mode, which allows you to use some ACF keywords in the IDL file. With this MIDL compiler switch, you can omit the ACF and specify an interface in a single IDL file.

midl /app_config

Switch Options

This switch has no parameters.


Microsoft RPC supports the use of the following ACF attributes in the IDL file:

  • Implicit_handle
  • Auto_handle
  • Explicit_handle

Future releases of Microsoft RPC may support the use of other ACF attributes in the IDL file. The /app_config option represents a Microsoft extension to the OSF-DCE specification and, as such, is mutually exclusive with the /osf option.

For more information related to the /app_config switch, see Application Configuration File (ACF) and Interface Definition (IDL) File.


midl /app_config filename.idl

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