A Small Update Patching Example

This example illustrates how to create a patch package that applies a small update to the sample installation package discussed in An Installation Example. A small update makes changes to one or more application files that are judged to be too minor to warrant changing the product code. For more information see Patching and Upgrades.

This example illustrates how to create a Windows Installer patch package that updates the Concert feature of the hypothetical product MNP2000 to fix an error in the original product. The example patch package applies a small update to the product that does not require changing the product code. See the topic on Major Upgrades in the Patching and Upgrades section for more information about major upgrades.

The sample upgrade package has the following specifications:

  • It corrects a minor error in the Concert schedule displayed by the Concert feature.
  • It updates the package code to reflect the installation package has changed.
  • The small update can be applied by patching the local installation of the product.