Generating a Patch Package

The recommended method for generating a patch package is to use a patch creation tool such as Msimsp.exe to call UiCreatePatchPackage in Patchwiz.dll. Msimsp.exe and PatchWiz.dll are provided in the Windows Installer SDK.

The following example command line uses Msimsp.exe and the .pcp file created in Creating a Patch Creation Properties File to generate the sample patch package MNP2000.msp.

Msimsp.exe -s C:\Note_Installer\Patch\MNP2000.pcp -p C:\Note_Installer\Patch\MNP2000.msp

An authored patch creation tool may generate the patch package by calling UiCreatePatchPackage as follows.

UiCreatePatchPackage ("C:\\Note_Installer\\Patch\\MNP2000.pcp", "C:\\Note_Installer\\Patch\\MNP2000.msp", NULL, NULL, "", TRUE)