ICE28 is commonly used to validate that the ForceReboot action is placed before or after, and never within, a specific group of actions in the action sequence tables. See the ForceReboot action topic to determine the actions that comprise this group.

ICE28 validates actions in the following sequence tables:

AdminUISequence table

AdminExecuteSequence table

InstallUISequence table

InstallExecuteSequence table


ICE28 posts an error message if ForceReboot is sequenced within the specified action group.


For the example shown, ICE28 posts the following error message:

Action: 'ForceReboot' of table InstallExecuteSequence is not permitted in the range 5 to 15 because it cannot separate a set of actions contained in this range.

InstallExecuteSequence Table

Action Sequence
ForceReboot 10
RegisterMIMEInfo   5
RegisterProgIdInfo 15


The sequence number of 10 given to ForceReboot breaks generates the error, because it comes between the sequence numbers of RegisterMIMEInfo and RegisterProgIdInfo.

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