ICE88 validates that the directory referenced in the DirProperty column of the IniFile table exists in the Windows Installer package. ICE88 issues a warning if the DirProperty value does not represent a property in the Directory, AppSearch, or Property tables, certain system folder properties, or a property set by a type 51 custom action.

ICE88 scans the following tables and properties.


ICE88 posts the following warning.

ICE88 Warning Description
In the IniFile table entry (IniFile=) [3] the DirProperty=[1] is not found in Directory/Property/AppSearch/CA-Type51 tables and it is not one of the installer properties. For each record in the IniFile table, ICE88 reads the value in the DirProperty column. ICE88 scans for the value in the Directory Table, AppSearch Table, and Property Table and also scans the list of properties set by the installer. ICE88 posts this warning if the value cannot be found in the scan.


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