SelfRegModules Action

The SelfRegModules action processes all modules listed in the SelfReg table and registers all installed modules with the system. The installer does not self-register EXE files.

Sequence Restrictions

The InstallValidate action must be called before calling the SelfRegModules action. If an InstallFiles action is used, it must appear before the SelfRegModules action in the sequence. Because the SelfRegModules action changes the system, SelfRegModules should come after the InstallInitialize action.

ActionData Messages

Field Description of action data
[1] Identifier of registered module file.
[2] Identifier of folder holding registered module file.



The SelfRegModules action attempts to call the DllRegisterServer function of the module scheduled to be registered. This action runs with elevated privileges when the installation is being run with elevated privileges, such as during a per-machine installation. During a per-user installation the installer runs this action with user privileges.

Note that you cannot specify the order in which the installer registers self-registering DLLs by using the SelfUnRegModules action.

Specifying the Order of Self Registration