About MIDI

The Microsoft Win32 application programming interface (API) provides the following methods for applications to work with MIDI data:

  • The Media Control Interface (MCI). Although the simplest way to play a MIDI file is to use the MCIWnd window class, you can also use MCI commands to create a customized interface to a MIDI device. For more information about the MCIWnd window class, see MCIWnd Window Class. For more information about MCI, see MCI, or Media Control Interface (MCI).
  • Stream Buffers. This format allows an application to manipulate buffers of time-stamped MIDI data for playback. Stream buffers are useful to applications that require more precise control over output than MCI offers.
  • MIDI Services. Applications that need the most precise control of MIDI data typically use these low-level services.

The following topics discuss each of these methods and provides an overview of the MIDI Mapper.