Specifying a Follow Set

A follow set specifies the protocols that follow a protocol. Network Monitor uses a follow set when the parser cannot identify the next protocol from the data in a protocol instance.

For example, the NetBIOS parser specifies a follow set because the data in the NetBIOS protocol does not identify which protocol is next. As a result the NetBIOS parser must create a follow set of all the protocols that may follow.

The following code example identifies the NetBIOS follow set in the Parser.ini file. The follow set contains server message block (SMB), and Microsoft remote procedure call (MSRPC) protocols. These are the only protocols that can follow an instance of the NetBIOS protocol.

   Comment    = "Network Basic Input/Output System protocol"
   FollowSet  = SMB, MSRPC
   HelpFile   =

A parser specifies a follow set during the implementation of the ParserAutoInstallInfo function. A parser can specify which protocols precede, and which protocols follow. When a parser specifies the protocols that precede, Network Monitor adds the parser protocol to the follow sets of the specified protocols. When a parser specifies the protocols that follow, Network Monitor creates a new section in the Parser.ini file that includes the follow set of the parser.