Obtaining Additional Process Information

There are a variety of functions for obtaining information about processes. Some of these functions can be used only for the calling process, because they do not take a process handle as a parameter. You can use functions that take a process handle to obtain information about other processes.

  • To obtain the command-line string for the current process, use the GetCommandLine function.
  • To retrieve the STARTUPINFO structure specified when the current process was created, use the GetStartupInfo function.
  • To obtain the version information from the executable header, use the GetProcessVersion function.
  • To obtain the full path and file name for the executable file containing the process code, use the GetModuleFileName function.
  • To obtain the count of handles to graphical user interface (GUI) objects in use, use the GetGuiResources function.
  • To determine whether a process is being debugged, use the IsDebuggerPresent function.
  • To retrieve accounting information for all I/O operations performed by the process, use the GetProcessIoCounters function.