Specifies a sort alias or list of sort aliases by specifying an element that contains a sort property or list of sort properties. There should be only one aliasInfo element for each propertyDescription element. For properties that set canGroupBy=true, unless a secondary sort property is specified (aliasInfo/@additionalSortByAliases=prop:example), the user may experience unexpected behavior when changing the sort order in a view that is grouped by the property. Specifically, the order of the groups will change, but the order of items within the groups will not.


<!-- aliasInfo -->
<xs:element name="aliasInfo">
        <xs:attribute name="sortByAlias" type="canonical-name"/>
        <xs:attribute name="additionalSortByAliases" type="proplist"/>

Element Information

Parent Element Child Elements
propertyDescription None



Attribute Description
sortByAlias Public. Optional. The canonical name of the property that should be used to sort by. This string is of type canonical-type.
additionalSortByAliases Public. Optional. A semi-colon delimited list of additional properties to be used when sorting. The properties are applied to the sort in the sequence they are given.