New for Windows 7. Identifies a property that is related to the property defined in the property description file. There can be as many relatedProperty elements within a relatedPropertyInfo as needed.


<!-- relatedPropertyInfo -->
<xs:element name="relatedProperty" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
        <xs:attribute name="relationshipName" type="canonical-name" use="required"/>
        <xs:attribute name="propertyName" type="canonical-name" use="required"/>

Element Information

Parent Element Child Elements
relatedPropertyInfo None



Attribute Description
relationshipName Public. Required. The canonical name of the property relationship.
propertyName Public. Required. The canonical name of the related property.



This element enables you to map one property to another. For example, you can map the text of your custom property, Fabrikam.StorageCapacity, to System.Capacity:

<!-- relatedPropertyInfo -->
<propertyDescription name="Fabrikam.StorageCapacity" ... >
        <relatedProperty relationshipName="System.RelatedProperty.Text" propertyName="System.Capacity"/>