Application Recovery and Restart


An application can use Application Recovery and Restart (ARR) to save data and state information before the application exits due to an unhandled exception or when the application stops responding. The application is also restarted, if requested.

An application can also be restarted if an installer updates a component of the application, or if the computer needs to restart as the result of an update. Note that to support automatic application restart after an installer updates an application, both the application and installer need to be authored appropriately. For details, see Registering for Application Restart.

Developer audience

ARR is designed for C and C++ developers.

Run-time requirements

ARR is available starting with the Windows Vista operating system.

In this section

Topic Description
Using Application Recovery and Restart
Procedural guide for registering for recovery and restart.
Application Recovery and Restart Reference
Reference information for the ARR API.