The Routing APIs make it possible to create applications to administer the routing capabilities of the operating system.

Where applicable

Routing makes it possible for a computer to function as a network router.

Developer audience

The Routing APIs are designed for use by C/C++ programmers. Programmers should also be familiar with networking concepts.

Run-time requirements

Routing is a server-based technology. All the functionality of Routing is incorporated into Windows 2000 Server and the Windows Server 2003. Routing applications cannot run on Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or on client operating systems, such as Windows 95. For more specific information about which operating systems support a particular function, refer to the Requirements sections in the documentation.

In this section

Topic Description
Router Management
The router administration API allows developers to create applications to manage the router service on a computer running Windows 2000 Server and later operating systems.
Router Managers and Management Information Base
The Management Information Base (MIB) APIs for router management makes it possible to query and set the values of MIB variables exported by one of the router managers or any of the routing protocols that the router managers service. By using this API, the router supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

IP Helper Functions

Remote Access

Routing Protocols