Encrypting a Message

The following example shows a message being encrypted before it is sent to a remote computer over the secure connection.

The example assumes that a SecHandle variable named phContext and a SOCKET named s are initialized. For the declarations and initiations of these variables, see Using SSPI with a Windows Sockets Client and Using SSPI with a Windows Sockets Server. This example includes calls to functions in Secur32.lib, which must be included among the link libraries.

//   Declare and initialize local variables.

SecPkgContext_StreamSizes  Sizes;
SECURITY_STATUS            scRet;
SecBufferDesc              Message;
SecBuffer                  Buffers[4];
SecBuffer                  *pDataBuffer;

PBYTE                       pbIoBuffer;
DWORD                       cbIoBuffer;
DWORD                       cbIoBufferLength;
PBYTE                       pbMessage;
DWORD                       cbMessage;

// Get the stream encryption sizes. This needs to 
// be done once per connection. 
// phContext must have been initialized during the handshake process.

scRet = QueryContextAttributes(

    MyHandleError("Error reading SECPKG_ATTR_STREAM_SIZES");

// Allocate a working buffer. The plaintext sent to EncryptMessage
// can never be more than 'Sizes.cbMaximumMessage', so a buffer 
// size of Sizes.cbMaximumMessage plus the header and trailer sizes 
// is sufficient for the longest message.

cbIoBufferLength = Sizes.cbHeader + 
                   Sizes.cbMaximumMessage +

if(!(pbIoBuffer = malloc((BYTE *), cbIoBufferLength)))
    MyHandleError("Out of memory");

// Create a plaintext message to be encrypted offset into the data 
// buffer by "header size" bytes. This allows encryption in place.

pbMessage = pbIoBuffer + Sizes.cbHeader;

                cbIoBufferLength - Sizes.cbHeader,
                "This is the plaintext message.");
cbMessage = strlen(pbMessage);

// Encrypt the plaintext message.

Buffers[0].pvBuffer     = pbIoBuffer;
Buffers[0].cbBuffer     = Sizes.cbHeader;
Buffers[0].BufferType   = SECBUFFER_STREAM_HEADER;

Buffers[1].pvBuffer     = pbMessage;
Buffers[1].cbBuffer     = cbMessage;
Buffers[1].BufferType   = SECBUFFER_DATA;

Buffers[2].pvBuffer     = pbMessage + cbMessage;
Buffers[2].cbBuffer     = Sizes.cbTrailer;
Buffers[2].BufferType   = SECBUFFER_STREAM_TRAILER;

Buffers[3].BufferType   = SECBUFFER_EMPTY;

Message.ulVersion       = SECBUFFER_VERSION;
Message.cBuffers        = 4;
Message.pBuffers        = Buffers;

scRet = EncryptMessage(phContext, 0, &Message, 0);

    MyHandleError("Error returned by EncryptMessage.");

// Send the encrypted data.

     Buffers[0].cbBuffer + Buffers[1].cbBuffer + 
     MyHandleError("SendMsg failed.");