Methods of IMSCEPSetup

The following methods are defined by the IMSCEPSetup interface. The property access methods are not shown here. To see the properties for IMSCEPSetup, see Properties of IMSCEPSetup.

Method Description
GetKeyLengthList Gets the list of key lengths supported by the specified cryptographic service provider (CSP).
GetMSCEPSetupProperty Gets a property value for a Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) configuration.
GetProviderNameList Gets the list of CSPs that provide asymmetric key signature and exchange algorithms on the computer.
InitializeDefaults Initializes a CMSCEPSetup object with default values to enable installation of an NDES role.
Install Installs a role as configured in the CMSCEPSetup object.
IsMSCEPStoreEmpty Always returns VARIANT_TRUE and should not be used.
PostUnInstall This method is not implemented. It is reserved for future use.
PreUnInstall Removes registry and IIS settings for the NDES role.
SetAccountInformation Sets the user account information used by the IIS NDES extension to perform enrollment on behalf of network devices.
SetMSCEPSetupProperty Sets a property value for an NDES configuration.