Methods of IOCSPAdmin

The following methods are defined by the IOCSPAdmin interface. The property access methods are not shown here. To see the properties for IOCSPAdmin, see Properties of IOCSPAdmin.

Method Description
GetConfiguration Connects to an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responder server and initializes an OCSPAdmin object with the configuration information from the server.
GetHashAlgorithms Gets a list of hash algorithm names. The responder server uses one of the named algorithms to sign OCSP responses for a given certification authority (CA) configuration.
GetMyRoles Gets the access mask of privilege roles for a user on a given responder server.
GetSecurity Gets security descriptor information for a responder server.
GetSigningCertificates Gets the signing certificates that are available on a responder server for a given CA certificate.
Ping Tests a DCOM connection with a responder service.
SetConfiguration Updates a responder service with configuration changes.
SetSecurity Updates security descriptor information for an OCSP responder server.