Programming Certificate Services

The following topics provide information about using the Certificate Services programming elements.

Topic Content
Using Certificate Services in C++
Information about using Certificate Services in the C++ programming language.
Writing Custom Modules
Information about writing policy modules.
Viewing the Certificate Services Database
Information about programmatically viewing the Certificate Services database.
Retrieving an Issued Certificate from the Active Directory
Information about and an example to retrieve a certificate from the Active Directory directory service after it has been placed there by Certificate Services.
Retrieving a Certificate Revocation List
Information about retrieving a certificate revocation list (CRL).
Customizing the Certificate Services Web Enrollment Pages
Information about customization of the Certificate Services web enrollment pages.
Setting the Type Tag Field
Information about how to indicate the data type for a VARIANT variable.
Retrieving Error Messages
Information about how to retrieve the error messages associated with error codes.
Using the Certificate Services Backup and Restore Functions
Information about using functions to back up and restore the Certificate Services database.
Requesting a Key Archival Certificate
Information about requesting and receiving a certificate whose private key is archived.