File Queue Functions

The following functions are used with file queues.

Function Description
SetupCloseFileQueue Terminates the queue. Any remaining transactions are not committed.
SetupCommitFileQueue Commits all queued transactions.
SetupOpenFileQueue Initializes and returns a handle to the file queue.
SetupPromptReboot Prompts the user to reboot his or her computer, if necessary.
SetupQueueCopy Queues a file copy.
SetupQueueCopySection Queues the files in an INF Copy Files section.
SetupQueueDefaultCopy Queues the files in an INF Copy Files section using the default information specified in an INF file.
SetupQueueDelete Queues a file deletion.
SetupQueueDeleteSection Queues the files in an INF Delete Files section.
SetupQueueRename Queues a file rename.
SetupQueueRenameSection Queues the files in an INF Rename Files section.
SetupScanFileQueue Scans the file queue.
SetupSetPlatformPathOverride Sets the platform path override.