Working with Variable Binding Lists

A variable binding is the pairing of an SNMP object instance name with an associated value. A variable binding list is a series of variable binding entries. In WinSNMP, a protocol data unit (PDU) includes a variable binding list.

The details of the variable binding list structure are restricted to the Microsoft WinSNMP implementation. A WinSNMP application can access a variable binding list with a handle of type HSNMP_VBL. For more information, see Resource Handle Objects.

The WinSNMP application can construct and manipulate variable binding lists, and include them in PDUs. To perform these operations, the application uses the WinSNMP variable binding functions. For more information about working with WinSNMP and variable binding lists, see the topics listed in the following table.

Topic Description
Creating a Variable Binding List Describes how to create a variable binding list.
Managing a Variable Binding List Describes how to manage a variable binding list.


For more information about variable bindings and variable binding lists, see RFC1905, "Protocol Operations for Version 2 of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2)," and the WinSNMP Variable Binding Functions.