InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide structure

Specifies the guide, or area where ink is drawn and recognized.


typedef struct InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide {
  RECT rectWritingBox;
  RECT rectDrawnBox;
  long cRows;
  long cColumns;
  long midline;
} InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide;



The invisible writing area of the recognition guide in which writing can actually take place.


The rectangle that is drawn on the tablet screen and in which writing takes place.


The number of rows in the recognition guide box.


The number of columns in the recognition guide box.


The midline height of the recognition guide box. The midline height is the distance from the baseline to the midline, of the drawn box.


An InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide defines an expected area of input, such as a line or boxes, for characters. An InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide structure can be set only on an analysis hint context node (see IContextNode::GetType). The IInkAnalyzer uses the location of the analysis hint node and the locations of the ink strokes to associate a stroke with the analysis hint node. Any strokes with an association to the analysis hint node will have the specified InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide used when recognized by an IInkAnalyzer, provided the IInkAnalyzer supports the InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide. The values expressed in the InkAnalysisRecognizerGuide class are always relative to the location of the analysis hint node and are specified in ink space coordinates.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported
IACom.h (also requires IACom_i.c)

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