InkCollector.SystemGesture event

Occurs when a system gesture is recognized.


void SystemGesture(
  [in] IInkCursor       *Cursor,
  [in] InkSystemGesture Id,
  [in] long             X,
  [in] long             Y,
  [in] long             Modifier,
  [in] BSTR             Character,
  [in] long             CursorMode


Cursor [in]

The IInkCursor object that generated the SystemGesture event.

Id [in]

The value of the system gesture.

X [in]

The x-coordinate of the location of the gesture.

Y [in]

The y-coordinate of the location of the gesture.

Modifier [in]


Character [in]


CursorMode [in]

A value that indicates whether the IInkCursor object is in normal mode or eraser mode. 1 is for normal mode and 2 are for eraser mode.

Return value

This event does not return a value.


System gestures are useful because they give information about the IInkCursor object that is being used to create the gesture. They also provide shortcuts to combinations of mouse events and are "cheaper" ways to detect mouse events.

For example, instead of looking for a MouseUp Event / MouseDown Event pair of events with no other mouse events occurring in between, you can look for the Tap or RightTap system gestures.

As another example, instead of listening for MouseDown Event / MouseMove Event events and getting numerous MouseMove Event messages, you can watch for the Drag or RightDrag system gestures as long as you're not interested in the (x, y) coordinates of every position of the mouse. This allows you to receive only one message instead of numerous MouseMove Event messages.

For a list of specific system gestures, see the InkSystemGesture enumeration type. For more information about system gestures, see Using Gestures and Command Input on the Tablet PC.

This event method is defined in the _IInkCollectorEvents, _IInkOverlayEvents, and _IInkPictureEvents dispatch-only interfaces (dispinterfaces) with an ID of DISPID_ICESystemGesture.


Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported
Msinkaut.h (also requires Msinkaut_i.c)

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