Basic Telephony Services Reference

The Basic Telephony functions are listed by category in the following tables. A function is identified as asynchronous if it indicates completion in a REPLY message to the application. If the function always returns its result to the application immediately, the function is considered synchronous.

Following is a functional grouping of the basic telephony service functions:

TAPI Initialization and Shutdown

Function Description
lineInitializeEx Initializes the TAPI line abstraction for use by the invoking application. Synchronous.
lineShutdown Shuts down the application's use of TAPI's line abstraction. Synchronous.


Line Version Negotiation

Function Description
lineNegotiateAPIVersion Allows an application to negotiate a TAPI version to use. Synchronous.


Line Status and Capabilities

Function Description
lineGetDevCaps Returns the capabilities of a given line device. Synchronous.
lineGetDevConfig Returns configuration of a media stream device. Synchronous.
lineGetLineDevStatus Returns current status of the specified open line device. Synchronous.
lineSetDevConfig Sets the configuration of the specified media stream device. Synchronous.
lineSetStatusMessages Specifies the status changes for which the application needs to be notified. Synchronous.
lineGetStatusMessages Returns the application's current line and address status message settings. Synchronous.
lineGetID Retrieves a device ID associated with the specified open line, address, or call. Synchronous.
lineGetIcon Allows an application to retrieve an icon for display to the user. Synchronous.
lineConfigDialog Causes the provider of the specified line device to display a dialog box that allows the user to configure parameters related to the line device. Synchronous.
lineConfigDialogEdit Displays a dialog box allowing the user to change configuration information for a line device. Synchronous.



Function Description
lineGetAddressCaps Returns the telephony capabilities of an address. Synchronous.
lineGetAddressStatus Returns current status of a specified address. Synchronous.
lineGetAddressID Retrieves the address ID of an address specified using an alternate format. Synchronous.


Opening and Closing Line Devices

Function Description
lineOpen Opens a specified line device for providing subsequent monitoring and/or control of the line. Synchronous.
lineClose Closes a specified opened line device. Synchronous.


Address Formats

Function Description
lineTranslateAddress Translates between an address in canonical format and an address in dialable format. Synchronous.
lineSetCurrentLocation Sets the location used as the context for address translation. Synchronous.
lineSetTollList Manipulates the toll list. Synchronous.
lineGetTranslateCaps Returns address translation capabilities. Synchronous.


Call States and Events

Function Description
lineGetCallInfo Returns fixed information about a call. Synchronous.
lineGetCallStatus Returns complete call status information for the specified call. Synchronous.
lineSetAppSpecific Sets the application-specific field of a call's information structure. Synchronous.


Making Calls

Function Description
lineMakeCall Makes an outbound call and returns a call handle for it. Asynchronous.
lineDial Dials (parts of one or more) dialable addresses. Asynchronous.


Answering Incoming Calls

Function Description
lineAnswer Answers an incoming call. Asynchronous.


Toll Saver Support

Function Description
lineSetNumRings Indicates the number of rings after which incoming calls are to be answered. Synchronous.
lineGetNumRings Returns the minimum number of rings requested with lineSetNumRings. Synchronous.


Call Privilege Control

Function Description
lineSetCallPrivilege Sets the application's privilege to the privilege specified. Synchronous.


Call Drop Functions

Function Description
lineDrop Disconnects a call, or abandons a call attempt in progress. Asynchronous.
lineDeallocateCall Deallocates the specified call handle. Synchronous.


Call Handle Manipulation

Function Description
lineHandoff Hands off call ownership and/or changes an application's privileges to a call. Synchronous.
lineGetNewCalls Returns call handles to calls on a specified line or address for which the application does not yet have handles. Synchronous.
lineGetConfRelatedCalls Returns a list of call handles that are part of the same conference call as the call specified as a parameter. Synchronous.


Location and Country/Region Information

Function Description
lineTranslateDialog Displays a dialog box allowing the user to change location and calling card information. Synchronous.
lineGetCountry Retrieves dialing rules and other information about a given country/region. Synchronous.


Request Recipient Services

The following two functions are used only in support of Assisted Telephony.

Function Description
lineRegisterRequestRecipient Registers or deregisters the application as a request recipient for the specified request mode. Synchronous.
lineGetRequest Gets the next request from the Telephony dynamic link library. Synchronous.