Create a Simple Conference

The following code example demonstrates the creation of a simple conference call. For information on IP multicast multimedia video conferencing, see About Rendezvous IP Telephony Conferencing.

Before using this code example, a call must be in progress, and you must perform the operations in Make a Call or Receive a Call have been performed.


This example does not have the error checking and releases appropriate for production code.


// From elsewhere in your code, you have obtained pBasicCall and pCallInfo, 
// which are pointers to the ITBasicCallControl and ITCallInfo interfaces
// of a call currently in progress. pAddress is an ITAddress pointer.

// Create a consultation call for the conference.
ITBasicCallControl *pConsultCall;
HRESULT hr = pAddress->CreateCall(
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// Move the consultation call into your conference.
// Note: If a CallHub object does not already exist, TAPI will create it.
hr = pBasicCall->Conference(
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// Finish the creation of the conference.
hr = pConsultCall->Finish(FM_ASCONFERENCE);
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// Assuming the Finish method succeeds, the consultation call (pConsultCall)
// may transition to the CS_DISCONNECTED state or may remain connected, 
// depending on the service provider.
// Get the ITCallHub interface pointer.
ITCallHub *pCallHub;
hr = pCallInfo->get_CallHub( pCallHub );
// If ( hr != S_OK ) process the error here. 

// You can use the ITCallHub interface to obtain additional information on
// the conference. Specific capabilities depend on the TSP/MSP being used.