Supplementary Line Service Functions

The supplementary line service functions are listed by category in the following topics. A function is identified as asynchronous if it will indicate completion in a REPLY message to the application. If the function always returns its result to the application immediately, the function is considered synchronous.

Following is a functional grouping of the supplementary line service functions:

There are also miscellaneous supplementary line service functions.

Bearer Mode and Rate

Function Description
lineSetCallParams Requests a change in the call parameters of an existing call. Synchronous.


Media Monitoring

Function Description
lineMonitorMedia Enables or disables media mode notification on a specified call. Synchronous.


Digit Monitoring and Gathering

Function Description
lineMonitorDigits Enables or disables digit detection notification on a specified call. Synchronous.
lineGatherDigits Performs the buffered gathering of digits on a call. Synchronous.


Tone Monitoring

Function Description
lineMonitorTones Specifies which tones to detect on a specified call. Synchronous.


Media Control

Function Description
lineSetMediaControl Sets up a call's media stream for media control. Synchronous.
lineSetMediaMode Sets the media mode(s) of the specified call in its LINECALLINFO structure. Synchronous.


Generating Inband Digits and Tones

Function Description
lineGenerateDigits Generates inband digits on a call. Synchronous.
lineGenerateTone Generates a given set of tones inband on a call. Synchronous.


Call Accept and Redirect

Function Description
lineAccept Accepts an offered call and starts alerting both caller (ringback) and called party (ring). Asynchronous.
lineRedirect Redirects an offering call to another address. Asynchronous.


Call Reject

Function Description
lineDrop Disconnects a call, or abandons a call attempt in progress. Asynchronous.


Call Hold

Function Description
lineHold Places the specified call on hard hold. Asynchronous.
lineUnhold Retrieves a held call. Asynchronous.


Securing Calls

Function Description
lineSecureCall Secures an existing call from interference by other events such as call-waiting beeps on data connections. Asynchronous.


Call Transfer

Function Description
lineSetupTransfer Prepares a specified call for transfer to another address. Asynchronous.
lineCompleteTransfer Transfers a call that was set up for transfer to another call, or enters a three-way conference. Asynchronous.
lineBlindTransfer Transfers a call to another party. Asynchronous.
lineSwapHold Swaps the active call with the call currently on consultation hold. Asynchronous.


Call Conference

Function Description
lineSetupConference Prepares a given call for the addition of another party. Asynchronous.
linePrepareAddToConference Prepares to add a party to an existing conference call by placing the conference call in a hold state and creating a consultation call that can be added later to the conference call. Asynchronous.
lineAddToConference Adds a consultation call to an existing conference call. Asynchronous.
lineRemoveFromConference Removes a party from a conference call. Asynchronous.


Call Park

Function Description
linePark Parks a given call at another address. Asynchronous.
lineUnpark Retrieves a parked call. Asynchronous.


Call Forwarding

Function Description
lineForward Sets or cancels call forwarding requests. Asynchronous.


Call Pickup

Function Description
linePickup Picks up a call alerting at a specified destination address and returns a call handle for the picked-up call (linePickup can also be used for call waiting). Asynchronous.


Sending Information to Remote Party

Function Description
lineReleaseUserUserInfo Releases user-user information, permitting the system to overwrite this storage with new information. Asynchronous.
lineSendUserUserInfo Sends user-user information to the remote party on the specified call. Asynchronous.


Call Completion

Function Description
lineCompleteCall Places a call completion request. Asynchronous.
lineUncompleteCall Cancels a call completion request. Asynchronous.


Setting a Terminal for Phone Conversations

Function Description
lineSetTerminal Specifies the terminal device to which the specified line, address events, or call media stream events are routed. Asynchronous.


Application Priority

Function Description
lineGetAppPriority Retrieves handoff and/or Assisted Telephony priority information for an application. Synchronous.
lineSetAppPriority Sets the handoff and/or Assisted Telephony priority for an application. Synchronous.


Service Provider Management

Function Description
lineAddProvider Installs a telephony service provider. Synchronous.
lineConfigProvider Displays configuration dialog box of a service provider. Synchronous.
lineRemoveProvider Removes an existing telephony service provider. Synchronous.
lineGetProviderList Retrieves a list of installed service providers. Synchronous.



Function Description
lineAgentSpecific Allows the application to access proprietary handler-specific functions of the agent handler associated with the address. Asynchronous.
lineGetAgentActivityList Obtains the list of activities from which an application selects the functions an agent is performing. Asynchronous.
lineGetAgentCaps Obtains the agent-related capabilities supported on the specified line device. Asynchronous.
lineGetAgentGroupList Obtains the list of agent groups into which an agent can log into on the automatic call distributor. Asynchronous.
lineGetAgentStatus Obtains the agent-related status on the specified address. Asynchronous.
lineSetAgentActivity Sets the agent activity code associated with a particular address. Asynchronous.
lineSetAgentGroup Sets the agent groups that the agent is logged into on a particular address. Asynchronous.
lineSetAgentState Sets the agent state associated with a particular address. Asynchronous.



Function Description
lineProxyMessage Used by a registered proxy request handler to generate TAPI messages. Synchronous.
lineProxyResponse Indicates completion of a proxy request by a registered proxy handler. Synchronous.


Quality of Service

Function Description
lineSetCallQualityOfService Requests a change of the quality of service parameters for an existing call. Asynchronous.



Function Description
lineSetCallData Sets the CallData member of the LINECALLINFO structure. Asynchronous.
lineSetCallTreatment Sets the sounds that the user hears when a call is unanswered or on hold. Asynchronous.
lineSetLineDevStatus Sets the line device status. Asynchronous.