General programming guidelines

The following sections provide general guidelines for developing applications in a Remote Desktop Services environment.

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Application compatibility layer

To run legacy applications in a Remote Desktop Services environment you can use the Remote Desktop Services Application Compatibility layer.

Client/Server application guidelines

Client/server applications must not assume that a single computer connection is equivalent to a single user session.

Monitoring session connections and disconnections

To register an application with Remote Desktop Services, store the name of the virtual channel server application in the registry by adding a subkey.

Peripheral hardware guidelines

If their hardware device is not designed to work over a remote session, vendors must ensure that the device driver software forces disabling the redirection of the device by using a system policy or group policy.

Run-Time linking to Wtsapi32.dll

Your application can use the Remote Desktop Services API to dynamically link to the Wtsapi32.dll at run time. To do this, your application should call the LoadLibrary function to load Wtsapi32.dll.