Remote Desktop Services reference

The Remote Desktop Services Reference includes the following sections.

In this section

Reference for the ADSI Extension for Remote Desktop Services User Configuration

Property methods that you can use to examine and configure Remote Desktop Services user properties.

Remote Desktop Gateway API reference

Implements plug-ins that replace the default authentication and authorization mechanisms of Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway).

Remote Desktop Services API reference

Data types, enumeration types, functions, messages, and structures that you can use to perform administrative tasks, manage user configuration information, enhance client/server applications, and use virtual channels in a Remote Desktop Services environment.

Remote Desktop Services AudioEndpoint API reference

Supports interfaces for audio endpoint registration and data transport.

Remote Desktop Services Web Access Control interfaces

supports the publishing of user-specific resources in RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. This control is a wrapper around the Remote Desktop Connection client (MsTscAx.dll) and the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections runtime proxy (Tswbprxy.exe).

Remote Desktop Virtualization API reference

supports interfaces and structures that you can use to create custom plug-ins that override the standard redirection logic of Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker).

RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Management Service API reference

Supports an interface and a structure that provide information about resources available to users of RemoteApp and Desktop Connections.

RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Runtime interfaces

Supports interfaces that allow the development of custom clients in RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.