Windows Animation Samples

The topics contained in this section provide details about the code samples that support the Windows Animation Manager documentation.

In this section

Topic Description
Application-Driven Animation Sample
Timer-Driven Animation Sample
Custom Interpolator Sample
Shows how to use Windows Animation with your own Custom Interpolator, with Direct2D used for rendering.
Grid Layout Sample
Shows how to use Windows Animation, using Direct2D to animate a grid of images.
Priority Comparison Sample
Shows how to use Windows Animation with your own Priority Comparison, using Direct2D for rendering.

Sample Files

Each sample contains many of the following key files:


Defines the application entry point.


Declares the CMainWindow class.


Initializes the animation components and the graphics platform, loads images, and renders the client area.


Declares the CLayoutManager class.


Calculates the layout of images in the main window, creates storyboards, adds transitions to the storyboard, and schedules the storyboard.


Declares the CThumbNail class.


Creates animation variables and renders thumbnails.

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