VSS Error Logging

The following VSS error and state information is written to the Application Event Log:

  • Requester errors produced using the IVssBackupComponents interface
  • Writer errors produced in using the CVssWriter class, including overriding methods
  • Default-provider-generated errors
  • VSS service errors generated in coordinating provider, writer, and requester activity (such as the generation of events)

These errors might have a number of causes, including a programming error in third-party code or VSS-related configuration errors.

VSS drivers and lower-level implementation functionality write errors to the System Log. Third-party software (requester, provider, writer) can choose the Application Log, the System Log, or both, to write error log entries.

It is recommended that high-level applications (such as user-mode code) use the Application Log. Lower-level applications, such as hardware interfaces and drivers, should use the System Log.