The Color Appearance Model Profile Format is an XML-based file format that contains viewing conditions required to describe the relationship between the DMP CIEXYZ values and the CIEJab values.


The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK color space. It is often implemented on printers.


Something, especially a pigment or an ink, that colors or modifies the hue of something else.

color channel

A component of a color space. For instance, an RGB color space has red, green, and blue color channels.

color conversion

The process of converting colors from one color space to another.

Color Management Module (CMM)

A code module that uses device profiles to perform color conversion and color mapping.

color mapping

See color matching.

color matching

Matching a converted color to its visually closest color in the destination color space.

color model

See color space.

color space

A mapping of color components onto a geometric coordinate system in three dimensions.