Using WIA Enumerators

WIA provides several interfaces for enumerating various capabilities, properties, and information. The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) enumeration interfaces are all specific implementations of the standard Component Object Model (COM) enumeration interface. For details, see IEnumXXXX.

The following table provides information about the WIA enumeration interfaces.

Interface How to Obtain a Pointer Used For
IEnumWIA_DEV_CAPS Call a IWiaItem::EnumDeviceCapabilities or IWiaItem2::EnumDeviceCapabilities method of a WIA root item's. Enumerates the capabilities of a WIA hardware device, such as device commands and events.
IEnumWIA_DEV_INFO Call the IWiaDevMgr::EnumDeviceInfo or IWiaDevMgr2::EnumDeviceInfo method. Enumerates available WIA devices, and provides pointers to their IWiaPropertyStorage interfaces.
IEnumWIA_FORMAT_INFO Call an IWiaDataTransfer::idtEnumWIA_FORMAT_INFO method of an item. Enumerates all image format information that a WIA item provides.
IEnumWiaItem Call a IWiaItem::EnumChildItems or IWiaItem2::EnumChildItems method of WIA item. Enumerates the child items of a WIA item that represents either a device or a folder.