Server Annotation

This section provides information about using server annotation.


You define a class that implements IAccPropServer, create an instance of it, and tell the system that you want it to override specific properties on specific UI elements. When a client requests one of the properties from one of the UI elements, your object is called and given an opportunity to provide a value. If your object returns a value, that value is passed back to the client. If your object does not return a value, the default value for that UI element is returned to the client.

When to Use This Technique

Use this technique when you want to override the IAccessible properties for an object. This technique is much simpler than previous IAccessible techniques. For more information, see Alternatives to Dynamic Annotation.

You cannot use server annotation to alter the exposed object structure. To change the structure of an object, you must implement a full IAccessible interface pointer.

For more information on server annotation, see the following topics: