TableItem Control Pattern

Describes guidelines and conventions for implementing ITableItemProvider, including information about methods. The TableItem control pattern is used to support child controls of containers that implement ITableProvider.

Access to individual cell functionality is provided by the required, concurrent implementation of IGridItemProvider. This control pattern is analogous to IGridItemProvider with the distinction that any control implementing ITableItemProvider must programmatically expose the relationship between the individual cell and its row and column information. For examples of controls that implement this control pattern, see Control Types and Their Supported Control Patterns.

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Implementation Guidelines and Conventions

When implementing the TableItem control pattern, note the following guidelines and conventions:

Required Members for ITableItemProvider

The following methods are required for implementing the ITableItemProvider interface.

Required members Member type Notes
GetColumnHeaderItems Method None
GetRowHeaderItems Method None


This control pattern has no associated properties or events.


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